Parental Guide

Homescreen video categories
On the Homescreen of Lattu Kids, you’ll see icons for video content by category:

Learning includes videos that provide educational learning, includes everything from ABCs and 123s to science lessons and language arts so children can engage, grow and learn.
Series includes kid-friendly programming series from world renowned creators.
Rhymes includes nursery rhymes, popular music videos for kids, and clips from their favorite musicals.
Movies includes inspiring movies for kids.
Videos in Lattu Kids
We’ve built the Lattu Kids app with a lot of research in order to provide an enriching platform for kids. We care about their cognitive as well as practical development, this reflects in the kind of content we present on the app. Each video has gone through hours of deliberation and curation so your kids are exposed only to the best. We bring to you a lot of exclusive videos, from around the world, which you will not find elsewhere in India.

Send feedback
We’re always looking for ways to improve Lattu Kids, and you can help by giving us feedback about the app. This feedback can be anything from issues you’ve experienced to changes you’d like to see to the kind of videos that your child enjoys bringing which will help him/her love our app even more. Please write to us at to send us your valuable feedback or flag any potentially inappropriate content found in the app. We promise a human will always reply to you in the fastest possible timeframe. We take these things very seriously and wish to improve the overall Lattu Kids experience specifically for you.

Collection and use of information on Lattu Kids
Read about the collection and use of personal information in Lattu Kids in the Lattu Kids Privacy Policy, available under ‘Parent Mode’ within the app.

System requirements and app availability
System requirements
You can use Lattu Kids on your smartphone or tablet with:

iOS 8 or above
Android 4.4 or above
Countries supported

Lattu Kids is currently available worldwide, although some videos maybe geo blocked in certain countries depending on the unique licensing restriction each video comes with.

Benefits of ‘signing in/registering’
Lattu Kids provides you with an option to register/Sign in with your Google or Facebook ID. This is not mandatory and you can chose to opt out at any time. However, signing in/registering has its own benefits:

Preserve and access your settings on multiple devices
Receive exciting updates from Lattu Kids
Get a chance to participate in contests and lucky draws (guaranteed merchandise to be won)
We also like to make your child’s birthdays memorable, if you wish to receive free merchandise on your child’s birthday you can send us his/her birthdate
At no point do we use this information to spam you or sell your information to third party. Be assured, your details are completely safe with us.